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Insight Intro

Video by Pat Whelen from Pexels


In 2020 and 2021, over 100 experts from 50 organizations met over a period of 66 days, 42 workshops and 2000 minutes to identify 15 cross-sector research questions on three key issues identified through our many interactions over the past year.  The Changemakers Table offered a multidisciplinary platform where people from different walks of life with like-minded interests presented current activities and identified mutual goals across their different organizations and mutual knowledge gaps and needs based on those goals.


The following concept notes offer insights on the type of cross-sector interactions we must undertake to address these systemic issues. They serve as a template for our ongoing and developing research among and between these consortia members. For more information on our activities, or to participate in our projects, please contact us:

One Health

How can we improve the productivity and livelihoods of India’s agricultural sector through leveraging water and carbon conservation that mitigates the impact of climate change on our natural systems?

How can we generate better cost-benefit analyses (economic, societal, and environmental) of our ecosystems and the human impacts on them to promote the wellbeing of our lands and people?

Ecoytems Sustainability
Regenrative Agriculture
Circulr Economy
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