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LONG-TERM OUTCOME: In collaboration with the Bengaluru Science and Technology Cluster, we will establish and test a framework for monitoring, predicting, and responding to human, animal, and environmental health burdens for public health decisions in a pilot ward (city district) in Bengaluru for scaling city, and eventually nation-wide


Poor water quality, sanitation, lack of infrastructure, health inequities, and social determinants have led to poor physical and mental health and inequalities across the Indian population. These problems are coupled with a need for more capacity and ability among those at local levels to develop decentralized and context-specific solutions. These issues have resulted in wasted resources, duplication of efforts, a contradiction of actions, and an incomplete understanding of problems due to a lack of data sharing.  Further, despite the space for decentralized decision-making and community engagement, there needs to be more context-customized planning and implementation of solutions.


We need a wide range of stakeholders to overcome these challenges and, in doing so, also consider the motivations of frontline/community-based health and sanitation workers along with existing policy/information gaps and state priorities on improved health systems. Further, we must identify contextually appropriate and influencing variables and indicators of physical and mental health. At the same time, we must consider bureaucratic limitations, stigmas, and cultural barriers coupled with a lack of health-seeking behavior and poor physical and mental health. One Health is an integrated approach acknowledging that human health is inextricably tied to the health of the animals, ecosystems, and environments around communities. By using a One Health approach, we can connect public, animal, and environmental health requirements with community needs to dynamically predict, detect, and respond to health burdens. 

Health 5 topics
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Ecosystem Development


Survey of stakeholders from various sectors mapping their role, motivations, values, and understandings of OneHealth


Learn about current players and issues facing OneHealth in India from a megacity perspective. Meet key stakeholders, understand their motivations and values to develop contextualized methods, tools, and technologies that will enable collaboration.

Localized stakeholder
& information mapping
for OneHealth in India

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Knowledge Generation


Collation and meta-analysis of OneHealth-related datasets for capturing, processing and sharing data in wards and regions


Identify and assess current data surrounding OneHealth in India at a megacity ward level. Gather key information from public and private organizations in India and the world. Develop India's first localized database analysis and sharing framework for OneHealth.

Localized and
OneHealth Database

Tool Building


A communications strategy based on stakeholder needs and concerns to enable collaboration


Identify and assess current communications platforms for information transfer between OneHealth stakeholders. Meet key stakeholders and understand their motivations and values to develop tools and technologies adapted to their needs.


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