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Video by Pat Whelen from Pexels


The echo network has identified key players in India and internationally to develop projects based on the real-world problem statements identified through our preliminary efforts. The Expert Dialogues offered a unique opportunity for professionals from different sectors to come together to explore collaborative opportunities in four specific focus areas: OneHealth, Regenerative Agriculture, Ecosystems Valuation and Circular Economy. At the end of 2022, 123 thought leaders gathered for 480 minutes of workshops to further refine the objective defined in the concept notes and develop initial pilot projects to be executed by young academics in the first iteration of the Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange Program.

These activities over the past three years have developed a deliberate collaborative approach that considers the viewpoints of each stakeholder in the system, identifies common interests and points of inflection and establishes communities of practice that work iteratively together across the system. To this end, the following are pilot projects that will engage our student ambassadors, network members and communities to co-create standard solutions, and iteratively enhance solutions through regular interaction and reevaluation of the process.

One Health

Evidence-based transition to sustainable agricultural practices for improved food systems


Understanding, communication, and enhancement of ecosystem valuation with an application to rural areas


Promoting the transition to biocircularity with applications to plastic, water, and textiles circularity.

Ecoytems Sustainability
Regenrative Agriculture
Circulr Economy
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